Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yucaipa Zone Interviews, April 10, 2012

Zone Leaders- Elder Tyau and Elder Sabino

Elder Gylling and Elder and Elder Kava

Elder McCall and Elder Inman

Sister Griffes and Sister Moea'i

Elder Solorzano and Elder Verges

Elder Tonini and Elder Chambers
Elder Faka'osi and Elder Scoffield

Elder Parry and Elder Drasbek

Elder Hawkins and Andersen

Sister Larsen and Sister Mafi

Yucaipa Zone favorite scriptures:
Elder Sabino- Proverbs 16:9
Elder Tyau- 2N 2:8
Elder McCall- (He had a theme of  "no weapon shall prosper")
Isaiah 54:17, D&C 71:9, 3N 22:17, D&C 109:25
Elder Gylling- D&C 136: 32-33
Elder Kava- 2N 4:27-30
Elder Inman- Alma 37:32-37
Sister Moea'i- John 15:13 (She also shared a scripture that helped her in not being discouraged about learning English when she first got here: Mosiah 7:33)
Sister Griffes- Alma 36:3
Elder Solarzano- D&C 84:33-34,  Alma 37: 33-34
Elder Verges- D&C 122:7-8, D&C 121:45-46
Elder Scoffield- Ephesians 3:4-6
Elder Tonini- Psalm 23:4, Ether 12:26-27
Elder Faka'osi- Mosiah 7:33
Elder Chambers- Alma 26:5, 24, and 27 (he has memorized the WHOLE chapter 26!)
Elder Drasbek- 3N 7:17-18
Elder Parry-  Moroni 10:18
Elder Hawkins- Omni 1:26
Elder Andersen- Alma 26:22
Sister Larsen- D&C 18:10, 15-16
Sister Mafi- Joshua 1:9

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