Wednesday, October 17, 2012

incoming missionaries continued

Elder Piazza and Elder LeVan

Elder  Locklear and Elder Mackall

Elder Peck , Elder Henrie and Elder Erickson

Elder Burris and Elder Latu

Elder Jacob Smith and Elder Johnson
Elder Cook and Elder Kava

Incoming Missionaries October 16, 2012

Elder Linzey and Elder Faulkner, the AP's, waiting for our new missionaries to arrive!
We get an extra day with Elder Kalougata, because his flight didn't leave until later in the evening.  You may want to read his family's inspiring story in the October 2004 issue of the Ensign.  The story is titled "The Only Survivor."  The survivor in the article is Elder Kalougata's father.
Elder Parker and Elder Jensen
Elder Baltazar and Elder Verges

Elder Allen and Elder Dial
Elder Gonzalez and Elder Christensen
Elder Gylling and Elder Maxfield

Elder Green and Elder Law

Elder Larsen and Elder Ringwood
Elder Van Smith and Elder Moore

Elder Beeston and Elder Bench
Elder Moyer and Elder Santos

Elder Plaster and Elder Carbonneau

More to come. . .

Outgoing Missionaries October 15, 2012

Our wonderful returning missionaries!  Well done Elders!  Bottom row:  Elders Poulsen, Dye, Elliott, Olsen, Mercy and Sister Smart. Back row:  Elders Kalougata, Sabino, Cothran-Draper, Peterson, Heath, President Smart and Elder Clark.
One last picture before they head off to the airport.

Look who else dropped by! October 14, 2012

Elder Christensen and his family

Elder McCall and His parents.

Look who dropped by! October 12, 2012

Elder Bates and his dad

Elder McArthur had an open house in Eastvale, so we were able to meet his family and his beautiful bride.  Congratulations Elder McArthur!

Trainer/Trainee Meeting October 9,2012

Sisters' Gathering October 8, 2012

President Plocher spoke to us on the ability of the Lord to work miracles for us through our faith.    Thank you President and Sister Plocher!

October 6, 2012

Zone Leader Council