Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Missionaries! June 18, 2013

Elders Drasbek, Gardner, Moser and Soressi waiting for the new group.

Sisters Boden, Graff and Young

Sisters Myers, Rosales and Fogg
Elder Jex and Elder Cooper

Sister Pack and Sister Anderson

Sisters Bates, Thomas and Wollor

Sister Beagley and Sister Gambling

Sister Park and Sister Grover
Elder Justice and Elder Locklear

Sister Mickelson and Davis

Sister Busk and Sister Nielsen

Elder Wixom and Elder Davis

Elder Taylor and Elder Young

Sister Gowans and Sister Trillo

Sister Magley and Sister Ferry

Elder McConkie and Elder Brown

Sister Reid and Sister Dowd

Elder Lunt and Elder Reed

Elder McCall and Elder Bush

Elder Thurman and Elder Ete

Elder Blackburn and Elder Johns

Sisters Gilmer and Bonham

Elder Randall and Elder Plotkin

Sister Jenkins and Sister Bateman

Sister Budiyono and Sister Tucker

Elder Berry and Elder Faka'osi

Elder Judd and Elder Buers

Elder Tyger and Elder Adams

Elder Griffes and Elder Darro

Elder Haslem and Elder Gardner

Outgoing Missionaries - June 17-18, 2013

This is the first group of outgoing Missionaries that we saw come in!  Well done Elders and Sisters!  We will miss you! front row l. to r. Sister Blasko, Elder Solorzano, Elder Bingham, Elder Larson, Sister Emery, Sister and President Smart and Sister Mafi.  back row l. to r. Elder Carr, Elder Johnson, Elder Spencer, Elder Romney, Elder Allen, Elder Alvarez and Elder Hanks

Elder Solorzano and his father and brother come to pick him up.

One last picture of the Elders before we head to the airport.

And one last picture of the Sisters!

More transfer day pictures - 6/15/13

All of our Polynesian missionaries (Plus President Smart and I and Elder McCall)

Our original MTC group (minus our Spanish missionaries who went home last transfer, and Sister Griffin)

Elder Howell and Rey came back for a visit!