Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elder and Sister Stewart April 2, 2012

We are excited to welcome Elder and Sister Stewart!  They are military relations missionaries and will  be serving in the 29 Palms area of our mission!  


  1. Mrs, I mean SISTER Stewart! She was one of my favorite teachers from high school! :)

  2. Finally got on the web site. Was so excited to see your picture. How is everything going. Things are the same here--no one has died in the Ward that I know of. HAHA How is your Mission going. I have changed Chemo again and I swear I am PG. Oh well I hope Im almost done. Had blood work today and I have no ammune system right now. I spelled ammune wrong I know. The shot hasnt kicked in--weird. Hope it does soon. Laree came and saw me the other day and said they picked Killing of LIncoln for the book. Havent heard from the readers yet but Laree and I agree we miss you calling us. Probable wont read that one cuz Im having trouble reading anyway. My email address is Love you and am so excited for you. Love Cherie