Monday, March 10, 2014

Jurupa and La Sierra Zone Conference - March 10, 2014

La Sierra Zone

Jurupa Zone - plus Sister Hogue (front left) who is a new convert who came to tell her conversion story to us today.  She and her 18 year old son were going to the corner market, when they came across Elder Johansen and Elder Gordon.  They struck up a conversation with her and eventually they asked her if they could come by her house and give her and her family a blessing.  She replied with an enthusiastic "YES!"  They had been going through a tough time and needed a blessing.  She said they immediately felt the truth of the gospel.  She had been to many different churches before, but as they attended their first Sacrament Meeting, she and her son turned to each other and said, "We're home!"  This strong and courageous woman was able to give up alcohol and cigarettes almost immediately upon hearing about the Word of Wisdom!  Thank you Sister Hogue for sharing your amazing story with us!

Happy Birthday to Elder Kelley, Sister Seiola, Sister Pope, Sister Jin and Sister Young!

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