Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 3, 2013 - Incoming Missionaries!

Our Assistants, Elder Moser and Elder Coleman waiting with us for the new missionaries!

Our missionaries from the Provo MTC
And our missionaries from the Mexico MTC

We are so excited to get to know and work with this great group of Elders and Sisters!

Elder Bly and Elder Latu

Elder Camper and Elder Maxfield

Elder Catchatoorian and Elder Johnson

Elder Cochran and Elder Celeste

Sister Kane and Sister Pope

Sister Santoya Reyes and Sister Oswald

Sister Gates and Sister Nelson

Sister Vaigneur and Sister Myrick

Elder Barton and Elder Harris

Elder Snider and Elder Tabile

Elder McConkie and Elder Higashi

Elder Pritchard and Elder Craig

Elder Noorda and Elder Albright

Elder Renner and Elder Smith

Elder Dayley and Elder Moyer

Elder Prieto and Elder Nielsen

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