Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 22, 2013

We are so excited about our great group of new Missionaries!

Our whole newly arrived missionaries including our 4 Spanish Sisters who arrived from the Mexico MTC on a later flight than the rest of the group.  Also included in this picture is Elder Hammond who is a visa waiter, and also arrived on a different flight.

Sister Gatrell, Sister Boyd and Sister Mathews

Elder Carr and Elder Figueroa

Sister Hartling and Sister Dulong

Elder McClain and Elder Muir

Elder Mulcahy and Elder Harrison

Sister Horikami, Sister Hansen and Sister Arvidson

Sister Edwards and Sister Baumgart

Sister Graham, Sister Ballasteros and Sister Nelson

Elder Allan and Elder Delvecchio

Sister Pyper and Sister Adame

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Aguilar

Sister Staker and Sister Cho

Sister Bowen and Sister Williams

Sister Pfeil and Sister Ruiz

Sister Nielsen and Sister Price

Sister Anderson and Sister Greenwood

Sister Oswald and Sister Bedenbaugh

Elder Wood and Elder Hammond

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  1. The pictures are GREAT!!! LOVE seeing Elder Hammond looking sooooo happy!! Although we miss him soooooo much, I know he is where he is suppose to be!!
    Shelley Hammond (Elder Hammond's Mom!)