Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Incoming Missionaries - July 30, 2013

Elder Drasbek and Elder Moser, the assistants, waiting for the new missionaries to arrive

Look at this wonderful new group of missionaries!

Elder Perez and Elder Parker

Elder Sweeney and Elder Thorderson

Elder Taylor and Elder Baker

Elder Fairbanks and Elder Smith

Elder Jorgensen and Elder Hughes

Sister Howell and Sister Dicarolo

Elder Robbins and Elder Passey

Elder Bushman and Elder Carbonneau

Sister Hall and Sister Pack

Sister Scott, Sister Seiola and Sister Haycock

Sister Anderson, Sister Pyper and Sister Nelson
Sister Todd and Sister Arvidson

Sister Gambling and Sister Anderson

Elder Johansen and Elder Lavender

Elder Reber and Elder Tukuafu

Sister Beck and Sister Hartling

Elder Tonini and Elder Child

Sister Nielson and Sister Fia

Sister Tzorin and Sister Graham

Sister Busk, Sister Allen and Sister Nielsen

Elder Brown, Elder Ross and Elder McConkie

Elder Elliott and Elder Bangerter

Sister Nelson and Sister Ruiz

Elder Rock and Elder Sanders

Elder Rosquist and Elder Felix

Elder Burgi and Elder Latu
Elder Harris and Elder Blomfield

Elder Green and Elder Haslem

1 comment:

  1. Wow! What a fantastic (& big) group of missionaries!
    Watch out Riverside! Great things are about to happen!
    - Love, the Bushman's from Texas!
    (Sis Smart, thank you for your message - we were out of town (in Utah) when you called to let us know Elder Bushman made it safely!)