Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Incoming Missionaries! March 26, 2013

Behold a Royal Army!

Sister Haycock and Sister Boyd

Sister Fogg and Sister Chevalier

Sister Blasko and Sister Williams

Elder Robertson and Elder Galindo

Sister Emery and Sister Chase

Sister Boden and Sister Randall

Sister Jones and Sister Gowans

Elder Tafoya and Elder Rosquist

Elder Albright and Elder Kelley

Elder Reed and Elder Tukuafu

Sister DiCarolo and Sister Oswald

Sister Grover and Sister Moea'i

Elder Henderson and Elder Bingham

Sister Gambling and Sister Davis

Elder Wood and Elder Howard

Elder Lamb and Elder Darro

Elder Johnson and Elder Romero

Sister Jenkins and Sister Fia

Elder Carr and Elder Bauer

Sister Fankhauser and Sister Pack

Elder Buers and Elder Johnson

Sister Reid and Sister Busk
Sister Gilmer, Sister Smith and Sister Bramwell

Elder Brown and Elder Harline
Elder Redford and Elder Daines

Elder  Williams and Elder Williams


  1. Thank you so much for the updated pictures! It's so fantastic to see the bright shining faces of these wonderful servants of the Lord who we love so much! Please let Sister Smith know her parents, grandparents, several Aunts, Uncles and cousins and friends are so excited to see her wearing that special name tag! :D