Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 4, 2012

Our great group of new missionaries! Welcome to Riverside!
Elder Rosquist and Elder McClain

Sister Blasko and Sister Dicarolo

Sister Waters and Sister Larsen

Sister Fankhauser and Sister Davis

Elder Hunter and Elder Davis

Sister Gilmer and Sister Schillemat
Elder McHardy and Elder Maynes

Elder Rosa and Elder Wilkinson

Elder Johnson and Elder Tonini

Elder Yeung and Elder Opeda

Elder Albright and Elder McClain

Elder Prieto and Elder Eddy

Elder Solorzano and Holloway

Elder Hall and Elder Rock

Elder Watson and Elder Young

Elder Richins and Elder Schoenfeld

Elder Passey and Elder Romney
Elder Sommers and Elder Didericksen

Elder Judd and Elder Page

Elder Craig and Elder Drasbek

Sister Ferry and Sister Yazzie

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