Sunday, February 5, 2012

Leadership Training Meeting - January 26, 2012

Mark Jarman and Travis Steward, from the MTC, came for a few days of training for our mission. We had a wonderful week of learning, and on the last day the training culminated with a leadership training meeting.

This is a game we played during the training. Don't they look like the modern day Army of Helaman?


  1. Thanks so much for taking close up pictures of the missionaries! It's so great to catch a glimpse of our missionary...he's not so good at sending home photos or his SD card. We are so grateful for all you do to serve the Lord and our missionary son! We pray for you daily!
    Troy and Cindy Dial and family

  2. Thanks so much for taking and posting pictures. We saw just a glimpse of the sister missionaries. Would you happen to have any pictures showing them more? We watch this blog often, hoping to see pictures of our daughter doing what she loves - being a missionary. Thanks again for the posts. Have a wonderful day.
    Chad Griffin family