Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Gathering- December 24th

Santa Claus (Elder Poulsen) with all of the packages.

 Elder Law and Elder Fisher singing "Come Thou Font"

 Elder McHardy singing "Grown Up Christmas List"

 Elder Mercy break dancing

The senior missionaries singing their own rendition of "Called to Serve"

Elder Bennett and Elder Sabino singing "Answering the Call"

Elder Ziga performing a tap routine

Elder Laparra and Elder Ramos singing "Feliz Navidad"

Elder Peterson singing "Merry Christmas, Here's to Many More"

Elder Hunter Irish Dancing

Elder McCall, Elder Gardner, Elder Tyau, and Elder Gowers

Elder Kaneao singing "Pray with Me"

Elder Dalton and Elder McCall singing "Tractin' in a Winter Wonderland"

Elder Quillen and Elder Fairbankes with their yo-yo tricks, the President even got in on the action!

Elder Mason and company singing "Last Christmas"

Missing in these pictures is Elder Faulkner who was our m.c. and did fantastic impressions of Presidents Monson, Packer and Uchtdorf. 

After our talent show we had lunch and then moved into the chapel for a more spiritual program. Although we didn't get pictures I want to remember those who performed:
Sister Griffes and Sister Yazzie started us out by a recitation of "The Living Christ"
Then Elder Peterson sang "O Come O Come Emmanuel"
Elder McHardy sang "Oh Holy Night"
Elder Watson played guitar and Sister Muni played the cello, together they played a compilation of hymns
Elders Larsen and Opeda performed "The Shepherd Who Wasn't There"
Sister Hench told us a story of a beautiful experience she had as a seminary teacher
Elder Mason sang "My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs"
Sister Walker and Sister Schafer sang "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"
Elder Gowers sang "Guard Him Joseph"
Elder Orellana played his arrangement of "What Child is This?"
Elders Rytting, Jensen and McGill played an organ piece "I Saw Three Ships"
Elder Kaneao sang and played the guitar "Love Is Spoken Here"
Elder Webster finished the program with "Mary Did You Know?"

This was a wonderful Christmas Eve! We had a great time being able to spend it together and enjoying the abundant talent that our mission has been blessed with!


  1. Looks like a wonderful program! We are so blessed to be part of the California Riverside Mission "extended family." Thank you so much, President Smart and Sister Smart, for your inspired and loving leadership! Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you so much for posting about your great day! The Hench's and my son both reported to me how wonderful it was. I am so grateful for all you are doing on my son's behalf as well as all your missionaries. I know you are doing a wonderful job!

    Looking forward to a wonderful New Year or experiences and growth!
    Elder Webster's Mom

  3. thank you for posting these pictures. I can see you enjoyed this Christmas activity. Im sure is my son Elder Laparra who singing FELIZ NAVIDAD with elder Ramos and not Elder Solorzano. although its difficult to recognize my son because he has different hair style. hehe
    Happy new year... Thanks Sister Smart for this blog.

  4. Eddie Laparra,
    You're right, that is definitely your son. My daughter posted these pictures for me and Elder Solorzano was originally going to sing with Elder Ramos. I just gave her the original list and she went off that. I apologize. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

    Sister Smart